Our Guiding Principles

At En Prose, we operate at an esteemed standard of excellence and use the following principles to guide us when serving others:

Be Excellent
Always demonstrate good character and strong integrity. Present our best self and our best product at all times. Never replace excellence with mediocrity or shortcuts.

Treat Everyone with Respect
Refrain from demonstrating favoritism towards others. Never give ourselves permission to mistreat anyone.

Be Honest
People will benefit more from our honesty than our dishonesty.

Be Dependable
Do not renege on our commitments because of personal inconvenience. If we say we are going to do something, then we will do it.  Our words and our patterns establish our credibility.

Be a Listener and a Learner
No one person knows everything. Knowledge and wisdom are dispersed among people. We commit ourselves to engaging  in meaningful conversation and being receptive to the thoughts and ideas of our associates’. There is always room for personal improvement.